THERAPIA® is a line of unique ergonomic chairs that will ensure your good posture while sitting those long hours at the office, at home or wherever is your workplace. Maintaining good posture is the key to better effectiveness, concentration and prevention of lower back problems.

Because size matters

As we naturally buy shoes and clothes that fit us, we should consider our individual proportions even when choosing the right chair for us. All the more when we know we need to sit 8+ hours a day. Imagine running a marathon in shoes that are two sizes bigger or smaller than your own foot. Our chairs are handmade, so we can tailor THE chair for YOU. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to be found here!
The complete range consists of 7 different sizes of models. We provide ergonomics THERAPIA chairs to anyone from the age of 6 to people with extra tall or robust body frames (210 cm height/ 160 kg weight).

Big or small, our chairs can accommodate wide range of customers according to their body frame and individual comfort

Therapia® products are recommended for long sitting periods, 10,12 or even 24 hours a day

When manufacturing our products, we use only top quality components from the EU. We provide you with lifetime limited warranty but in reality, your chair will last you as long as 15 years – if you will treat it well

We have been designing and manufacturing chairs for 20 years. We have produced and sold over 10 000 pieces of our products in EU over the past 10 years. We love what we do and hope to provide our customers with quality seating for another 20 more. At least!

Having great components and quality product is all well and good, but what really distinguishes our chairs from the rest? During 10 years of development of THERAPIA®, we came up with a unique design containing bulit-in biozones. These patented “bioactive zones“ promote active sitting and reduce negative sitting habits like slouching, sitting crossed-legged etc. and provide optimal support for your spine. Our chairs basically will not let you sit incorrectly.

Check out our neat video where you can learn more.


We applied our THERAPIA® concept to a variety of usages, so according to what your workplace is, you can choose from the below categories:

Check out our flagship products intended for routine office and home use, featuring THERAPIA® chairs in 4 different lines.

Designed specially for use in hospitals and laboratories, our MEDI and LAB chairs serve mostly medical staff and workers in hi-performance operations.

Our DISPATCHER chairs are proven to succeed in the toughest conditions there are – in 24/7 workplaces like dispatch centers and police stations.



Ideal for your home office, this is the base line that ensures you’re sitting correctly and saving money at the same time


Intended for corporate offices and hi-performance workplaces, Professional line offers more tuned up accessories


For people high at work every day, Executive chairs will become your tool for effectively tackling all the tasks and challanges you face


Looking for that unique piece of office equipment that will show everyone who is the boss? Look no more…Luxury is here for you, introducing Therapia chairs with one-of-a-kind cow hide upholstery


Upholstered in special antibacterial leatherette or made from resistant PUR material, these chairs are best used in medical facilities and doctor’s offices


DISPATCHER chairs are made from the toughest components and upholstered in ultra resistant fabric (500 000 Martingale cycles), that can withstand enormous level of usage in 24/7 workplaces

Our Story

It all began in 2005, when I got into a serious car accident. I was threatened with permanent consequences and even by a time in a wheelchair. But thanks to intensive work of my physiotherapists I eventually began to cope with my rehabilitation and being a chair designer and CEO of small furniture company, I started applying new findings to an entirely new product – one which would help me to sit long hours without pain.

It was necessary to abandon traditional approach to seating manufacture – I started to incorporate ergonomics laws and my own painful experience into the design. I joined forces with the very specialists that helped me with rehabilitation and designed first model of THERAPIA® – a chair made for those who want to prevent problems tied to long term sitting. I tested it intensively on myself and discovered that each day, I was feeling better and better. At first, my body was not used to the unique shape of THERAPIA® as it makes users to sit in a correct manner, something I haven´t experienced before on any other chair. But during few weeks my body realized, that it’s for my own benefit and I never went back.

Today, after 10 years of development and improving, several redesigns and 10 000 chairs sold in Europe, THERAPIA® is at the pinnacle of ergonomics and individualized seating solutions receiving recognition from IT workers, design lovers, police dispatching workers alike.

In 2016 we embarked on a new journey – to introduce THERAPIA® to US market with help from my son Lukas.

Our goal is to help our customers live happy lives and provide them with a tool, that will help them stay effective and battle the effects of prolonged sitting.


A: Our company resides in Krnov, Czech Republic.
A: We believe it’s mainly our biozones that ensure right sitting posture and prevent negative habits like slouching, sitting cross-legged etc. which can cause harmful symptoms like fatigue and pain.
A: Well, our chairs are like tuned up Maserati – hand made and using only the best materials there are. Our suppliers are manufacturers like DONATI and IMARC (mechanisms), STABILUS (lifts), CAMIRA and GABRIEL (upholstery). Check their webpages, these guys are best in their field and we are proud to work with them.
A: Yes! We offer around 100 materials in different categories – from delicate fabrics to special luxurious leather which means you can customise your chair. However if you wish express delivery, we also have a limited collection of most favourite materials that is ready in stock for dispatch within 48 hours.
A: Absolutely. Thanks to the original spring seat construction and original backrest shape, the body is correctly supported and healthy dynamic sitting is promoted. That allows for longer sitting periods without painful effects. All these fact are based upon clinical testing by leading experts in rehabilitation.
A: We make our chairs to last. That’s why we use robust cast aluminum base and quality components that allow people up to 400 lbs to enjoy sitting on our chairs. As we have different sizes intended for different body frame types, we have various recommended weight limits, which are generally between 290 and 350 lbs.
A: Actually yes! Unique construction of our chairs allows us to use carefully selected components and assemble them according to individual needs of every person into highly individualized chair. Our chairs are strictly handmade, not MADE in CHINA.
A: We provide 5-year warranty for all THERAPIA® models considering normal single-shift operation with a single user. There is a lifetime warranty on metal base, which is highly important for safety. When used for multi-shift operations with alternating users (one chair employs more staff members) and continuous operations such as dispatching, the warranty is 3 years.
A: YES. THERAPIA® chairs are manufactured in EU (CZECH REPUBLIC) and meet strict CSN EN 1331 European quality standards for seating. At the same time our chairs were approved as medical chairs through clinical testing and clinical trials by the special Czech standards. Individual components come from leading European manufacturers, and also passed the strict tests including CATAS, LGA, BIFMA and the like.
A: We respect our customers so we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you won’t like our chairs in some way, we will accept the chair back, given it won’t be destroyed or damaged. Although from our experience, the only times our customers wanted to return their chairs was because they weren’t able to set the chair according to their needs. Therefore, we encourage you to first let us know what’s wrong, we might be able to fix it.
A: Another yes! THERAPIA® chairs are made out of a minimum proportion of plastic components – less than 3 % and more than 90% of materials can be recycled.
A: Our chairs were designed to help people like you. Our MEDICAL line is intended for people with scoliosis or round backs, but if you feel that the chair might not fit your needs, let us know. We will gladly offer our advice and will try to solve the situation with you. Remember, although it’s not official yet, we are able to craft our chairs according to individual needs.Before buying THERAPIA chair we recommend a thorough testing and consultation with your doctor.
A: We attach an easy how-to video to each original chair plus you can always go to our website and check a short instructional video that will describe the proper setup and use step-by-step.
A: We produce special chairs for children and students that are unfortunately not available main selection but you can find them in CUSTOM section . However, if you have older kids or teenagers, models 200 and 300 from lines MEDICAL and COMFORT were proven to do the magic.
A: Footrest is a suitable complement to THERAPIA® chairs that allow you short-term relaxation. You know, the sweet moment when you need to rest in your chair with your back seat all the way back, you put your feet up and watch a movie on your PC… Thanks to a gas lift and tilt mechanism you can adjust the height and tilt the footstool for ultimate comfort. At the same time footstool can be also used as a separate seat without a back support for a short session.
A: Therapia-to-go is an ergonomic accessory for your car which consists of 2 separate inflatable zones – lumbar and vertical. Place this complement on driver’s seat with tensioning straps, make sure the balloons and tubing are not in your way, then adjust the height so that the horizontal section supports your loins and slightly inflate both zones and enjoy your ride. If you drive for a longer time, you can always easily blow or deflate each zone independently using the control balloon. Now you can prevent your back from aching, by giving it a gentle support even in the car.
A: We are currently working on a list of partner showrooms, where you can meet THERAPIA® chairs in person. We are located in CZECH REPUBLIC so we are able to send you our closest distributor´s adress.

Contact us

We are a family company from the Czech Republic.

So whether you’re a customer, dealer or a potential distributor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will gladly provide all the info you might need, whether it’s product specifications, price sheets or shipping info. You can use the form below or call us directly.

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